At Hospicom, we approach every project with a need to drive purposeful engagement with our clients so that we can achieve success with efficiency. We like to begin with your end-goal in mind, so that we remain anchored in strategies and tactics that provide real value. When it comes to medical communications and strategy, we bring a relentless passion to everything we do.

Our Love of Science and Medicine Runs Deep

Take Your Brand to the Next Level

By leveraging the foundational hospital-based knowledge of our roots with unparalleled experience and expertise, we deliver unique insight and craft effective communications to help you realize your brand’s full potential.

We don’t want to just partner with you on a project. We strive to become an integral part of your creative and strategic problem-solving team for years to come. After all, you deserve an agency that shares your passion for your product’s success. We celebrate when you succeed.

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What’s in a Name?

What's in a Name?

As you might surmise, the name Hospicom was derived from the words HOSPITAL and COMMUNICATIONS. At the time of our founding in 2005, our initial focus was to aid marketing and medical colleagues to tap into the unmet potential that the Hospital market represents: A culmination of Practitioners, Patients, and Technology focused on using evidence-based medicine to establish standards of care and address unmet patient needs.

Over the Years…

We’ve evolved to serve the full range of medical communication and strategic needs beyond the hospital walls. We believe this foundation gives us an advantage over other medical communication agencies because:

  • We understand the dynamics associated with higher levels of care coordination and system integration that are drivers in the current healthcare environment
  • We are able to identify and leverage all components of the tri-partite mission of academic medicine—Research, Education, and Patient Care—to assist you in meeting your strategic goals and objectives

We are confident that this deep hospital-based knowledge provides a unique foundation and insight-filled point of view that informs every project we work on—whether it’s for a hospital-based product or the next standard of care.

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